Big businesses living in fear of terror attacks

UK’s largest businesses are deeply concerned about terrorism, with nearly
two-thirds of respondents to a new survey regarding terror attacks as a
significant threat to their organisation.

survey also reveals that 93 per cent of employers believe the war in Iraq has
increased the threat of global terrorism, with 59 per cent expecting the
terrorist threat to increase over the next two years.

the UK on heightened alert for possible terrorist attacks, employers recognise
the need for robust organisational procedures for dealing with a crisis and
recovering afterwards. The majority of the surveyed companies spend a
significant proportion of their security budget on counter-terrorist measures.

54 per cent of participants feel that security measures introduced in the
aftermath of 11 September 2001 have positively affected their ability to do
business, with only 16 per cent reporting that security measures have had a
negative impact.

survey was carried out by Janusian Security Risk Management in conjunction with
the Rand Corporation and the Financial Times.

Michael Carty

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