Blended learning key to driving up employee skills

are increasingly adopting a more blended approach to training, using both
traditional methods and the internet to drive up employee skills.

poll of 173 HR directors found that 80 per cent of employers use a mix of
learning styles to help engage with the largest number of employees possible.

23 per cent of those questioned said more than half of all training was now
delivered through a blended learning approach because individuals have
different learning styles.

research, by Personnel Today’s sister publication Training Magazine and
consultants Balanced Learning, found that 73 per cent use blended learning for
business specific training, 58 per cent for management development, and 54 per
cent for technical skills.

to the poll, 79 per cent are combining existing resources to create new
solutions, while 59 per cent are developing new schemes from scratch.

many still baulk at the cost of developing blended learning programmes.

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