BMA launches guide to ageism in NHS

An online guide for health professionals and the public on how the body ages
has been launched by the British Medical Association (BMA).

The guide is intended to address concerns about ageism in the NHS by
providing clear information on health and ageing.

It will look at a range of areas, such as advice on counteracting the
physical changes that come with ageing, mental health, degenerative brain
diseases, cardiovascular health, stroke, cancer and diabetes.

Other areas covered include joint, ligament and bone disorders, hearing and
sight impairments, sexual health, nutrition, respiratory conditions, care of
the elderly, health services for the elderly and long-term care.

BMA Council chairman, Dr Ian Bogle, said: "I think it is sometimes the
case that older people get poorer care and do not get considered for treatment
that could help them. This is partly a result of ageism and partly as a result
of the huge pressure in the system."



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