BMW to shed 100 jobs at its Mini plant in Swindon

Up to 100 jobs look set to go at BMW’s Mini plant in Swindon.

The site employs about 900 staff but the firm said there were 40 workers who were “surplus to capacity” and this was expected to rise to about 100 by the end of the year. Those set to go are in full-time permanent positions.

However, a spokeswoman stressed that all affected employees would be offered employment opportunities at the Mini plant in Oxford.

She said: “Swindon associates are being offered a one-off payment, or relocation assistance to make a permanent move to Plant Oxford. Some may decide to leave the business voluntarily, in which case packages will be available.”

“We appreciate the union’s constructive and positive contribution to these discussions and their input into finding jointly acceptable solutions to this issue.”

Almost a year ago, Personnel Today reported that BMW was to axe 850 agency worker jobs at its Mini plant in Oxford after sales of the car had slumped in January.

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