Bonuses boost FTSE 100 chief executive earnings

FTSE 100 chief executives received a maximum bonus of 130% of their salaries, according to the business consultancy  KPMG’s Survey of Directors’ Compensation 2006.

Their target bonuses were 75%, and the actual bonuses for FTSE 100 CEOs in 2005 reached 108%. Finance directors in FTSE 100 companies also fared well, with a maximum bonus of 111% of their salaries and a target bonus of 66%. Finance directors’ actual bonuses in 2005 reached 92%.

Other executive directors received a maximum bonus of 100% and a target bonus of 75% of their salary. Actual bonuses for other executive directors in 2005 reached 91%.

The most common performance measure for all board directors was personal performance.

FTSE 100 directors also cashed in with deferred bonuses, performance share plans and share option plans.

Source: KPMG

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