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Management issues

Once upon a time, everything on the net was free until web publishers
quickly realised they couldn’t run their sites on fresh air. This led many web
surfers to be sceptical about how good free-to-access information sites were –
particularly if the source was unknown. Thankfully, some reliable, independent,
free havens can still be found and Management Issues is certainly one of them.
It achieves exactly what its name suggests and covers all the workplace issues
of the day in some way using an expansive network of journalists, news and info
sources and industry experts. Content ranges from e-learning case studies to
event listings to hot topics, where instant feedback forms at the end of each
piece allow you to have your say in the most convenient way. Add to this a
clean, easy-to-navigate design and you’ve got a handy one-stop workplace
website. It even helps you find a freelance journalist – should you ever need

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