Bookmark of the month: Skills for employers

Bookmark of the month

The Government is keen for feedback on its site, which is dedicated to
helping employers make more informed decisions about training their staff and
developing the workforce, and we suggest that you oblige. Content is a tad thin
at the moment but it was only launched back in the spring, and it says ‘your
views are critical in shaping it.’ It’s nicely designed with clear navigation
and is broken down into three sections: Policy Information & Initiatives,
which details current initiatives and programmes being run to help employers
obtain the skills they need; Support for Training, which focuses on
qualifications, courses and awards; and For Training Providers, which also
features information on key awards, qualifications and courses. At the moment,
these sections largely contain links to other sites that carry the information
(albeit very useful ones), but it would be nice to see some original material,
reports, articles and surveys in each eventually. If you feel like us, simply
click the feedback facility and tell them so.

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