Bookmark of the month

British Association of Open Learning


A familiar name, but if you haven’t yet discovered the ezone
link on the British Association for Open Learning website, it’s well worth
storing it in your favourites folder now.


The best websites are those which save other people’s time
(and phone bills) by bringing together a mass of links to information
resources, organisations, articles, reports and news stories – BAOL’s ezone
does just this.


If you’re new to e-learning, it provides a crash course into
the subject and also offers a dedicated article on 10 steps to getting started
in e-learning.


Added to this, it provides links to the main virtual
campuses where you can take online courses. Outside of the ezone, you can find
out about e-learning conferences and events in your area and it is also worth
bookmarking the BAOL Direct section of the site which sources a range of
courses, product and services from its database via a capable search engine.


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