Brent Council sets out plan to increase number of ethnic minority and disabled staff it employs

Plans to increase the number of minority ethnic and disabled staff at Brent Council have been set out.

The Combined Race and Disability Equality Scheme 2006-07 outlines how Brent will seek to promote race and disability equality among both its own staff and the residents it serves in the coming year.

The scheme includes plans to increase the percentage of black and minority ethnic (BME) staff in senior council roles to 20% and the number of disabled staff employed by the council to 4.5%.

It also looks to improve accessibility for disabled people at polling stations, to develop cultural activities for disabled young people, and help residents with disabilities to gain jobs at both the council and other public sector organisations.

Brent’s head of diversity, Tracy Walters, said: “We have long regarded the diversity of Brent’s population as one of its greatest strengths, but it is crucial that we recognise and embrace that diversity at all times if we are to provide the best possible services to our residents.

“The new combined scheme shows that we take this issue extremely seriously and gives us clear and accountable targets for the coming year.”

From December, all public sector organisations will have a new duty to promote gender and disability equality as part of the Equality Act.

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