A round-up of news from the professional journals

Blair vows to up nurses’ pay

Prime Minister Tony Blair has admitted that nurses’ pay is too low and vowed
to increase it. He said wages were especially inadequate in London and areas
where house prices are high.

Mr Blair made the comments in response to a joint letter by leading public
service figures – including RCN general secretary Beverly Malone – calling for
better pay and strategies to boost morale among public servants.

Nursing Standard
27 February 2002

Join the team

Health Secretary Alan Milburn has launched a recruitment campaign to tempt
more support staff back to the NHS under the slogan "join the team and
make a difference". Television and press advertisements costing £3.2m will
run for four to six weeks, featuring the role of the entire NHS team involved
in a patient’s recovery.

Nursing Times
13 February 2002

Unfilled vacancies

Nearly half of the new ‘super nurse’ posts created in England are still
unfilled with some NHS trusts forced to use charity cash to help recruit nurses
into the positions. The DoH has admitted more than 40 per cent of nurse
consultant posts approved up to and including August 2001 were unfilled.

Nursing Times
7 February 2002

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