Britain trails US in flexible benefits

British business is lagging behind the United States when it comes to
offering employees flexible benefits packages.

A survey found large and medium-sized companies in the UK are missing out by
not offering the packages to staff – even though experience in the US shows
them to be crucial in retaining staff.

HR specialist Centrefile found just 11 per cent allowed employees to tailor
their remuneration package by choosing from a range of benefits.

Only 15 per cent of the 200 companies surveyed planned to introduce policies
over the next two years.

Centrefile managing director Bruce Thew said, "The type of benefit
packages companies offer are becoming ever more critical in attracting and
retaining the best staff.

"Yet the survey reveals relatively few organisations in the UK offer
flexible benefits packages to supplement the traditional salary."

He added, "Corporate UK has not kept pace with the United States where
flexible benefits policies have become increasingly commonplace."

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