British Airways cuts all temporary cabin crew

British Airways’s (BA) temporary cabin crew will all lose their jobs by the end of next month, it has emerged.

A total of 125 non-permanent staff were e-mailed on Monday and told that they would no longer be employed from October 31the Times has reported.

A further 140 full-time cabin crew have accepted voluntary redundancy and will leave the company at the same time.

However, this is far short of the 2,000 full-time equivalent job cuts that BA announced in June that it would cut.

BA – which lost £401m last year – said yesterday that it hoped that further voluntary schemes, including urging workers to move to part-time working, would enable it to reach its target. However, it has also warned that compulsory redundancies might be required.

In June BA wrote to its 40,000 staff asking for volunteers to work for free for a month.

The group said it had received a positive response as 800 workers volunteered to work for nothing, fuelling fears that a two-tier workforce would emerge.

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