British Waterways sails into shortlist for strategy award

British Waterways has been shortlisted for the Personnel Today Awards after
introducing new performance management systems, improved productivity and
reducing staff turnover.

The public corporation, which manages more than 2,000 miles of canals and
navigable rivers, has been shortlisted for the RebusHR Award for Best HR
Strategy in Line with Business.

British Waterways began work on changing its HR strategy to help it evolve
from a company providing maintenance to one driving urban regeneration.

It introduced a performance management process incorporating appraisals and
training and development initiatives. It also brought in a management
development programme and standardised employees’ terms and conditions.

Since the changes were introduced five years ago by British Waterways’
people strategy team, productivity per employee has increased by 178 per cent
and staff turnover has been reduced.

The organisation has also benefited from improvements in job satisfaction,
loyalty, motivation and a reduction in absenteeism.

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