BT Conferencing tells staff not to drive for the day

Business communications firm BT Conferencing is asking its employees to leave their cars at home on Thursday.

Tomorrow is World Car Free Day, which aims to raise awareness of the unnecessary use of vehicles, and their detrimental impact on the environment by asking people to avoid using their cars.

The company hopes to avoid the emission of 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in one day, by discouraging its staff from driving to work or attending face-to-face meetings.

In 2004, a BT Group initiative successfully prevented 47,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere. This was achieved by eliminating nearly 300,000 face-to-face meetings across its workforce with BT Conferencing technology.

BT Conferencing chief executive, Nigel Stagg, said: “Encouraging our staff to support World Car Free Day represents our commitment to reducing the reliance on business travel and helping the environment.

“Of course, face-to-face meetings are valuable. However there are also many occasions when they’re not a necessity. This stand fits with our commitment to decrease the environmental impact of carbon dioxide emissions.”

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