Bum pension deal for cabin crews

Guru feels a bit of a challenge coming on. In the wake of the previous Shakespearean masterpiece, he is going to try to do a whole page on pensions, with the ultimate challenge of the reader still being awake by the time they get to the end.

That is Guru’s mission for this week; his defined contribution to the magazine, if you will.

So take a slug from your coffee and let us continue by congratulating United Airlines cabin crew, who are protesting in the only way Guru knows how – in the nude.

They are baring almost all for the ‘Stewardess Stripped (of their Pensions)’ calendar, which they are doing in protest at the airline’s decision to default on their pensions.

United has given a deficit of just over $6.6bn (£3.6bn) to the US government to look after, which is the most it can hand over under US law, and will mean almost $9.8bn (£5bn) in employee pension obligations will be lost.

Five women – ranging in age from 25 to 64 – are posing for a 2006 calendar.

Captions on the pictures include ‘Coffee, tea, or me without a pension?’, and ‘Marry me, fly free, but don’t expect anything from my pension’. The cover shot reads: ‘Are your butts covered? We thought ours were too’.

Guru thinks it would be worth taking this approach into other areas of flight attending. Imagine how many people would actually pay attention to the safety briefing if it was done in the buff.

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