Businesses fail to measure learning objectives

Only a tiny fraction of businesses are measuring their learning objectives in line the strategic objectives of their organisations, according to a survey.

Research by consultancy Accenture found that only two per cent of those in charge of learning in businesses provided useful and measurable data to their superiors such as productivity gains, revenue growth, net income growth, decreased employee turnover and overall industry recognition.

The report also said that when the business impact of learning was measured it was often done in ways that could not be translated into useful business metrics.

Accenture said successful learning organisations needed to align learning initiatives to business goals. This meant:

  • Measuring overall business impact of the learning function

  • Extending learning to customers, suppliers and business partners

  • Supporting their organisations’ most critical competencies and jobs

  • Integrating learning with functions such as talent management

  • Using technology to deliver learning

  • Providing leadership development courses.

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