Cabin crew warn British Airways against imposing contract changes

British Airways could face industrial action over plans to slash employee remuneration and holidays, to reduce in-flight budgets by £82m.

The airline has notified its cabin crew of 32 money-saving proposals which include cutting annual leave from 36 to 34 days, a two-year pay freeze and a reduction in bonuses for working on long-haul routes.

BA has also proposed that new employees should have different terms and conditions, with almost none of the benefits enjoyed by present cabin crew.

But at a meeting yesterday 1,500 of BA’s 13,500 cabin crew unanimously rejected permanent changes to their terms and conditions, saying they might strike if the airline tries to enforce the proposals.

They did, however, tell BA they would be willing to discuss temporary solutions.

The airline has said the 32 proposals were ideas for discussion with staff and no decisions had been made about their implementation.

A spokesman for BA said: “Like all airlines, we have been hit by a worsening economic crisis and to respond to this we need to improve productivity and performance across the airline.

“Rather than present any firm proposals we have put together a list of ideas and opportunities on how we could reduce cabin crew costs.”

The airline has predicted it will see a £150m operating loss this year, after a £900m profit in 2008.

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