Call centre staff angry at intrusive monitoring, claims TUC

Big brother-style monitoring of staff was the biggest complaint
against call centre operators by employees during the two-week operation of the
TUC’s complaints hotline.

Fifty-three per cent of the call centre staff that called
the TUC’s hotline claimed that they were monitored and timed when they went to
the toilet.

Over 15 per cent suggested they were not given adequate
breaks, with the TUC claiming that employers were breaking the Working Time
Directive by allowing breaks during shifts.

Thirteen per cent believe that their health and safety is
being put at risk, with hearing problems and acoustic shock top of the list.

“The case studies suggest a very short-sighted view is being
taken, and is compounded by an over-controlling style,” said Mags Thomas, UK HR
manager at airline ticket call centre Qualiflyer.

The report, Calls for Change, is based on the TUC’s
February campaign to highlight call centre working conditions, in which it took
nearly 750 calls in two weeks.

By Paul Nelson. Click
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