Cameron promises transfer of power from the EU to Britain

David Cameron has pledged to give Britain more power over implementing EU business regulations affecting the UK, should the Conservatives come to power next year.

In a televised speech outlining how the Tories would “fix broken politics” in the wake of the expenses scandal, the party leader said there should be a radical reform of the political system.

This included giving the UK more power over European Union laws affecting British businesses, and allowing MPs to choose the members of House of Commons select committees that scrutinise the work of government departments.

Almost half of all the regulations affecting UK businesses came from the EU, Cameron said. However, he offered little detail on exactly how the UK would regain authority.

“It’s no wonder people feel so disillusioned with politics and Parliament when they see so many big decisions that affect their lives being made somewhere else,” he said.

“So a progressive reform agenda demands that we redistribute power from the EU to Britain and from judges to the people.”

Cameron said the introduction of fixed-term parliaments would also be considered.


The Tory party leader also welcomed the decision to publish all MPs expenses, which are due to go online in June, as one of the quickest ways to “transfer power to the powerless”.

Cameron said if the Tories won the next general election they would force all public servants to reveal their expenses claims too, as part of giving power back to voters.

“Soon enough all MPs’ expenses are going to be published online for everyone to see. And if we win the next election, we’re going to do the same thing for all other public servants earning over £150,000.

“Just imagine the effect that an army of armchair auditors is going to have on those expense claims. Indeed, the promise of public scrutiny is going to have a powerful effect on over-spending of any variety,” he said.

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