Can’t live without… Toshiba Tecra 9100

What is it?

A stylish 1.6GHz wireless laptop computer which runs the latest Intel
Pentium 4 processor – so it is fast. The more recently launched 9100 betters
the original with a Pentium 4 chip and is backed by 256Mb of RAM. There are few
tasks this machine can’t handle and it has all the connectivity you could want:
USB, Firewire, infrared, Ethernet, 56k modem, as well as built-in Bluetooth
capability on some models. It is slim but robust in magnesium casing and weighs
only 2.2-2.5kg.

Do I really need one?

We’re talking status laptops, up there with the Sony Viao and Apple’s
titanium iBook. It is silver on the outside and black on the inside. But we
know that HR professionals go more than skin deep and the good news is that if
you are due for a laptop upgrade, you can justify this one entirely on the
grounds of functionality and connectivity. With a 14.1 inch screen and superb
sound quality it is ideal for all-singing multimedia applications, so whether
it is for presentations, accessing e-learning programmes or just as a day
to-day laptop, it is a very strong contender.

Specification: 310mm (w), 269mm (d), 32-37mm (d)

Price: From £1,499 (ex VAT), or £1,699 for the 1.7GHz version


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