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Philips JackRabbit 4 Portable Drive (JR4DVDRWK)

What is it?

A drive, roughly the size of a paperback novel, that allows you to play DVDs
and CDs (including MP3-CDs). You can also record on both formats. That might
not sound much when you say it quickly, but being such an all-in-one
combination drive across various formats is no mean feat. It also works with
both PCs and Apple Macs, via a USB port. The current JackRabbit 3 doesn’t offer
recordable DVD so it is well worth waiting for JR4 to be released in the new
year, as it lets you record a weighty 4.7GB of data.

Why do I need one?

If you haven’t bought an optical drive for your PC yet or managed to attach
a CD or DVD player to it, then take a look at this, as it could serve all your
storage and transfer needs in one go. On the work front, you can store or move
large amounts of media rich data, such as a major presentation or an e-learning
programme, from your desktop PC or laptop and play it back or view it on
another device. As well as transcending various formats, the drive also
transcends the office and home environments. It plays music and lets you watch
DVDs on the move or in the living room, conveniently plugging into the
television. Of course, that also means you can try out your presentation at
home on a Sunday afternoon.

How much and where can I find out more info?

The price is expected to be around £230. To find out more information, visit
the Philips website at

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