CBI urges Learning and Skills Council to listen to business needs

Learning and Skills Council has come under fire from the CBI for not listening
to the needs of businesses.

Jones, director-general of the CBI, urged the council to work closely with
companies and encourage increasing take up of Investors in People among small
and medium-sized enterprises. 

the Learning and Skills Council is serious about engaging business it needs to
listen to what businesses want, and help them to achieve it," he told
delegates at a CBI event in Hertfordshire.

relates to everyone of the objectives set down by the LSC and it is a tool
guaranteed to increase employers’ engagement in workforce development."

said the council needed to start tackling the UK’s basic skills problem, work
to improve GCSE results and encourage smaller firms, particularly those with
less than 50 employees, to recognise the value of increasing the skills of

want the new council to succeed. It’s pivotal to the UKs competitiveness and
vital to tackling social exclusion. But it cannot achieve all its objectives on
its own." he added.

By Ross Wigham

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