CBI wary of childcare proposals

Independent Childcare Commission’s proposals to encourage parents to stay at
home and look after their children have drawn a mixed response from the CBI.

commission is recommending a "toddler tax credit" for parents of
children up to three years old who spend more than £5,000 a year on

wants employers to be offered tax breaks to encourage, rather than deter
improved childcare provision.

the commission stopped short of calling for legislation to make employers responsible
for the provision or payment of childcare. Neither did it suggest that parents
who remain at home for three years have their jobs kept open.

Morton, senior employee relations adviser at the CBI, said, "We welcome
the fact that employers shouldn’t be required to pay childcare, but our main
concern is that employers may have to offer part-time work to former employees
returning to work. It’s not always practical for employers to offer part-time

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