Central London’s congestion charge zone tops league table for fines on company car drivers

Central London’s congestion charging zone is the worst area in the UK for levying fines on company car drivers, figures from GE Fleet Services show.

Analysis of the company’s 54,000 vehicle fleet revealed where the most fines were incurred in the past 12 months, as well as the kind of offences that are being committed.

The central London congestion charging zone easily topped the table, with 4,725 offences being committed during the period.

It easily beat the second biggest fine hotspot for company cars drivers in the UK, which was the Transport for London region.

This area saw 587 penalties handed out in the past 12 months, most of which were for illegal use of bus lanes.

In third place was the area covered by South Wales Police, where 501 offences were reported, 476 of which were for exceeding speed limits.

But it wasn’t bad news for company car drivers in all regions.

In 91 constabularies – including Coventry, the Isle of Wight and Peterborough – just one offence was recorded, showing there are either areas of the country where fewer offences are being committed by company car drivers or simply authorities are policing the roads less vigorously.

Rich Green, managing director of GE Fleet Services, said: “It appears there is a great difference across the country in the types of traffic offences being pursued and the efforts that are being put into meeting them.

“Some relatively sparsely populated areas of the country are seeing high levels of traffic fines being made while some major cities record surprisingly few.”

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