Charities struggle to keep up with employment legislation

the organisations in the charity and not-for-profit sector spend a minimum of
52 days each year keeping abreast of and complying with employment legislation,
according to new research.

survey by recruitment consultants The Principle Partnership, found one in five
charities said they were unprepared for new grievance and disciplinary rules
which come into force in October this year.

6 per cent have fostered better relationships with government bodies to help
clarify legal obligations, despite more than half of the HR professionals
surveyed saying that they believe it is the Government’s responsibility to
advise and educate on new legislation.

third believe that it is the responsibility of recruitment partners to provide
information and updates on changes in the law, while 17 per cent believe it is
down to the media.

Smith, chief executive of The Principle Partnership, said: “In a sector where
attracting good candidates is highly competitive, it is worrying that HR
professionals need to spend at least a fifth of their time preparing for
changes in the law.”

By Michael Millar

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