Charity highlights indigestion symptoms

One in five people cannot recognise the symptoms of indigestion and 18 per
cent believe heartburn is caused by eating food that is too hot, a consumers’
charity has said.

The Consumer Health Information Centre survey also found one in five people
think it is fine to burp at work.

The CHIC is launching a campaign to raise awareness of the symptoms of
indigestion and is encouraging occupational health units throughout the UK to
promote awareness to their colleagues. It has also published a free leaflet on
the issue.

The workplace is full of potential indigestion triggers, according to Dr
Sohail Butt, a committee member of the Primary Care Society for
Gastroenterology and an adviser to the CHIC.

"Shift workers who eat at unusual times, people who are active soon
after eating and anyone in a stressful environment may be at increased risk of
experiencing indigestion.

"Indigestion can make you feel quite unwell, and so may disrupt your
normal working day. The campaign will promote ways of reducing indigestion and
will help people with symptoms to treat themselves effectively and

A resource pack is available from 020-7404 7842 or online at

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