CIPD launches rewarding qualification

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has launched a new qualification in advanced reward

Cotton, CIPD reward adviser, said: 
"Reward is becoming the ‘must have’ for those with ambitions to
rise to the top of the profession. It is at the centre of many of the issues
facing organisations, such as linking executive remuneration to organisational
performance, providing affordable retirement programmes and rewarding employee
contribution in a non-discriminatory way."

CIPD’s latest reward survey
shows many organisations are adopting a strategic approach towards reward that
looks at both the financial and non-financial aspects of what makes working a
rewarding experience.

to the survey, organisations are carrying out reviews of the reward systems,
their benefits packages and their pension schemes, as well as focusing on how
their reward approaches are best communicated to staff and demonstrating the
impact of interventions on the bottom line.

By Quentin Reade



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