City trader makes £1.3m tribunal claim for sex discrimination and victimisation by BNP Paribas

A City trader is claiming £1.3m in compensation against BNP Paribas bank for sex discrimination.

Katharina Tofeji claims managers at the bank treated her unfairly after she announced she was pregnant, the London tribunal heard.

She is now suing the company for sex discrimination, victimisation and constructive dismissal.

Tofeji claims she was treated badly after announcing her pregnancy in November 2004. BNP Paribas denies the claims.

The tribunal heard her appraisals and bonuses did not reflect that she had been outperforming colleagues. Before returning to work after maternity leave she applied for a four-day working week – but this was refused.

On her return, Tofeji claimed she experienced a hostile reception and general surprise among her colleagues that she had decided to come back after her maternity leave.

She claimed that one of her colleagues told her he had put a bet on her not returning to work.

Samantha Mangwana, Tofeji’s solicitor at Russell Jones & Walker law firm, said: “Employers have to wake up to the reality that working mothers are properly entitled to flexible working arrangements and should not be made to suffer for making valid requests for flexible working.”

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