City workers still prefer higher pay to work-life balance

Employees in the City of London still consider pay the most important factor when changing jobs, according to a survey.

The poll of 189 young professionals in the investment banking sector found that while 67% felt that achieving a good work life balance was desirable, only 26% felt that it was a major driver when looking at new employment opportunities.

When asked what the major motivating factor would be when deciding to change employers, 72% stated that the salary package would come top of their list.

One respondent said: “Work life balance and flexibility is all very nice but at the end of the day – it’s money that counts and I wouldn’t swap one for the other.“

Clare Capon of GRS Risk, which undertook the survey, said.  “Candidates look at issues such as culture, better working conditions, holidays and other benefits but I’ve yet to meet one who is willing to translate that into a reduction in actual pay – they expect it in addition – not instead of.”

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