CLIX 9 increases productivity of learning processes

Europe’s leading learning technology provider, IMC, today announced the launch of CLIX 9, the latest version of the award winning learning management system. CLIX 9 offers increased productivity by improving the management of training processes.

Key aspects of CLIX 9 include mobile and collaborative learning, optimised resource management and a data-warehouse to generate business relevant reports.

Mobile learning – the new CLIX Learnbase: Since employees are increasingly out of the office on business, IMC has established a new offline, Windows based tool – CLIX Learnbase. Learning material can easily be downloaded and revised on a local computer.

By using the CLIX Learnbase, learners can work through their exercises without being connected to CLIX or the Intranet/Internet.

Learning development is saved locally and synchronised with CLIX as soon as the user reconnects. The new CLIX Learnbase is a vital element to make the user´s individual learning processes more flexible.

Collaborative learning: CLIX 9 also enables learning groups to work collectively on activities by allowing individual members to work on the task before making the results available to the whole group.

All members can comment on the different working versions or use other CLIX services such as virtual classrooms, chats or bulletin boards to communicate with each other.

On completion of the work, the tutor is able to provide feedback, making CLIX 9 ideal for universities and project based trainees.

Optimised resource management: The new resource manager can accurately forecast the critical resources needed for a given period through its modelling software ensuring these are available before planning courses.

At the same time CLIX 9 reduces the number of steps that is required to plan relevant resources.

Data-warehouse: The product’s integrated data warehouse delivers significant analyses to help HR professionals evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of training.

The data warehouse ensures the transfer of data and evaluation of training processes, including data from third party systems such as SAP, which can be easily integrated to provide a truly holistic analysis.

Another technical improvement is the SCORM-Player that now supports the functions ‘Sequencing & Navigation’ of the SCORM 2004 standard.

Dr Dirk Thissen, managing director at IMC UK comments:

“The interactive nature of IMC’s advanced learning technologies have allowed learners to further enhance their skills and expertise, while trainers can follow and monitor their progress. With CLIX 9, this ethos has been expanded so learners can learn on the fly and from other learners, and trainers can intelligently and effectivly evaluate thier progress and its benefit to the company as a whole.”

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