Clothing company workers stage protest in Regent Street

members from the Aquascutum clothing factory in Corby will protest in front of
the Aquascutum store in Regent Street, London today over an ongoing pay dispute
with the company.

is the fourth one-day strike by more than 100 GMB members employed by

workers earn an average £200 per week and are demanding that the company abide
by the national agreement of 2.5 per cent (£5 per week average) made between
the British Clothing Industry Association (BCIA) and the GMB.

to the GMB, despite being signatories to this agreement, Aquascutum has refused
to honour the deal and has imposed a 1.3 per cent increase (£2.50 per week

Farrell, National Secretary of the GMB Clothing and Textile section said:
"Aquascutum made £1m profit on the backs of the workers who produce their
high quality clothing. These GMB workers are asking Aquascutum for a pay rise
that will give them an annual increase which is less than the price of one of
the jackets they make. Aquascutum can well afford to stop paying slave

Shamma, Organiser for the GMB, said: "The attitude of the company
throughout this dispute has been deplorable. It has ignored its obligations
under the national agreement. It has made no constructive effort to resolve
this dispute. The message from the company is that it does not seem to care
about its employees, that is why we are seeking to gain wider publicity by
taking the campaign to London."

By Quentin Reade

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