Co-op travel staff agree to four-day week

Leeds Co-operative Society is introducing a four-day week for staff in its
travel operation over the Christmas period to try and avoid making redundancies
as a result of 11 September.

The 19-strong network of Co-ops in Leeds had been showing a 48 per cent rise
in trading figures before the attacks, but the firm has now been forced to take
measures to protect its 200 staff from redundancy.

Employees have agreed to work a four-day week on their usual pay for six
weeks over Christmas.

In the New Year, as business picks up, they will work a six-day week but
only be paid for five, balancing out the wage bill.

The company is cutting overheads and suspending recruitment as well as
offering reduced hours and temporary redeployment.

"We are only as good as our staff so we don’t want to lose them. We’re
doing everythingwe can to keep them together," said personnel manager
Amanda Harrison.

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