Cogmap releases private organisation charting

Cogmap offers free online organization charting with private sharing capabilities.

Cogmap, the organization chart wiki, vaults from offering a public facing wiki of organizational data to adding tools that allow people to build and share private organizational information using drag-and-drop on-line tools and powerful access controls.

Coglink widgets allow individuals to embed individual “Coglinks” from Cogmap in blogs, social networks, and web sites to share information about people in organization charts across the Internet.

Cogmap offers APIs that allow third parties to mash-up chart data using XML chart information and vCard and hCard data about members of charts.

New commenting and “related charts” features show how the network feels about charts that interest you.

New indexes are available allowing visitors to explore organization charts geographically, by industry, or simply alphabetical.

It is still all free!

Brent Halliburton commented:

“Cogmap’s initial release changed the way that business development, sales, and recruiters used the Internet. With the new private mapping features, they can take all of their knowledge online and create social networks around their proprietary data.”

“Cogmap is the wikipedia of organization charts, bringing information about how the hierarchy of organizations works to the masses.”

“Originally, Cogmap was built to allow people to share information and benefit from the power of a wiki, but feedback from the cogmunity was that some information needed to be protected. With private maps, all of the information you add will only be shared with your social network.”

“Private maps allow a network of people to share organizational data among themselves, empowering organizations to share their knowledge quickly and easily.”

“Coglinks make map information embeddable, extending Cogmap’s value out into the blogosphere.”


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