Comensura launches into permanent recruitment with ‘ Recruit’

Comensura, the UK’s market leader in the procurement and management of indirect services, announced today that it is entering the permanent recruitment market with a new product, Recruit which combines intelligent, web-based technology with a range of managed services. Recruit sits between the recruiter and the market. It manages the entire recruitment process from issuing a job request to selecting potential candidates from internal talent pools, online job boards and a comprehensive roster of recruitment agencies.

“ Recruit reduces the time taken to recruit, improves the quality and fit of candidates, and simplifies the administrative processes involved.  It also delivers immediate direct and in-direct cost savings,” explains Mike Trevor, CEO of Comensura. “Comensura constantly measures the performance of all of its suppliers using a balanced scorecard system to ensure quality of service.  And our significant buying power means we can negotiate hard to ensure clients get the best possible price.”

Comensura offers access to its services and the Recruit platform through an innovative gain share pricing model.  No upfront fees are payable; instead Comensura retains a share of the savings that it generates on behalf of the client.

Comensura is well established as a leading provider of temporary staffing solutions, processing over 30,000 candidates a month and managing £350 million of recruitment spend.  It has already delivered outstanding results and significant cost savings to an impressive range of private and public sector organisations.


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