Communication Workers Union accuses Royal Mail of attempting to provoke strike action rather than negotiating

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has accused Royal Mail of attempting to provoke strike action rather than looking to negotiate.

The CWU has not yet announced dates for strike action, but Royal Mail chairman Allan Leighton has reiterated he cannot afford to improve the 2.5% pay offer, despite staff voting for strike action.

“The money on the table is the money on the table because that is what the business can afford,” Leighton told the BBC.

The CWU has written to Leighton laying out the terms of a potential agreement to end the dispute. It elaborates on how the union feels the business can move forward with the support of the workforce.

Dave Ward, deputy general secretary, said “We have provided Royal Mail with a practical and reasonable solution, and are determined to negotiate further. It is outrageous that the business is ignoring the clear message from its workforce and appears to be provoking a postal strike rather than resolving one.

“Royal Mail can continue to be in denial, but we will not go away. If there is no progress within the next few days, we will have no alternative but to announce strike action.”

If a nationwide postal strike does go ahead, it would be the first since 1996.

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