Companies condemn ‘insufficient’ training levels

Nearly two-thirds (60 per cent) of organisations believe employers’ spending
on training is insufficient, and 81 per cent feel the Government doesn’t spend
enough on workforce training, according to an IRS survey.

In the poll of 50 employers, the majority (61 per cent) report the
availability of training advice and guidance is about right, while a quarter
say it is not enough.

It shows private companies are the source of training provision for 92 per
cent of respondents, while 80 per cent source training through higher education
establishments. Two-thirds (64 per cent) use further education (FE) colleges
for work-based training, and half the respondents turn to the Chartered
Institute of Personnel Development and Investors in People for advice and

Basic skills training, which aims to improve numeracy and literacy in the
workforce, is provided by 50 per cent of respondents. More than half from the
public sector (57 per cent) offer diversity training, and just over a quarter
of all employers provide life-long learning.

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