Compliance failure? How to stop staff forgetting (webinar)

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Data protection, bribery laws, health and safety, and competition rules are just four areas of compliance where employers can be required to train their staff. “Sheep-dip” e-learning is commonly the training delivery method of choice, but employees react with a roll of the eyes and a few days later, little, if any, of the information remains in their brains.

In this free Personnel Today webinar, in association with Elephants Don’t Forget, we discuss the effectiveness of compliance training and look at methods to improve knowledge retention among employees.

Key points include:

  • a look at how compliance training is typically delivered;
  • an analysis of how much training content is retained by staff;
  • some theory around the best methods to retain key information; and
  • practical examples of how organisations have improved their employee’s knowledge retention.

Personnel Today editor Rob Moss hosts the webinar and is joined by:

  • Professor Nick Lee, professor of marketing and organisation research at Aston Business School;
  • Darren Jeffery, head of sales and customer services at 1st Central Insurance Management; and
  • Adrian Harvey, chief executive of Elephants Don’t Forget.

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