Comprehensive disability management tool launched today

The world’s first comprehensive management tool on disability has today been launched by the Employers’  Forum on Disability.

Organisations are, for the first time, able to accurately measure their performance on disability in every way it affects the business, and to put in place action plans that deliver real business improvement.

A unique Benchmark Survey enables the private and public sectors to assess their performance on disability as it affects risk management, customer care, employment, occupational health, and the built environment. The benchmark also covers IT systems, accessibility of goods and services and the impact of government policy.

Alan Johnson, secretary of state for work and pensions, said: ” By bringing together into one place every piece of regulation, code of practice and technical standard, it gives employers the information and guidance they need to meet their legal and ethical obligations.

“Employing disabled people can no longer be seen as simply an ethical responsibility – but as a business imperative,” he said.

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