Conference report

Michael Millar gets feedback from people at this year’s MCE Global Human
Resource Management Conference in Seville, Spain.

Karen Moloney, conference chairperson

We talk about work-life balance, but it’s really about work-life blending.
People are now looking for offices that offer spiritual succour.

Costas Markides, professor, London Business School

You need to go beyond training people. You need to put in place the
organisational environment that gets your people working for the company goals
and strategy. Strategy is just a piece of paper that comes alive through the
day-to-day behaviour of people.

Philippe Brawerman, former president of Cisco Systems, EMEA, Belgium, on
the impact of technology on HR

Managing the ‘dotcom’ generation is managing the future. They want
technology-based work methods that include networking, which means more than just
having e-mail, and total coverage where, how and with who they want. As a
provider of the working environment, you [HR] need to recommend technological
thinking to the organisation.

Jagdish Parikh, managing director, Lemuir Group of Companies, India

There is a growing gap between what we know and what we do. Most people
don’t think about what they are think-ing about. The most significant change
managers are HR managers. They need to be aware of and act within the five
levels of living – social, managerial, existen-tial, organisational and

Herminia Ibarra,chair professor in organisational behaviour, INSEAD,
France, on recognising the need for change

Don’t wait until the wolf is at the door. No pain, no gain? Pain is
overrated. If you don’t see the future or the alternative, the pain will
paralyse you.

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