Conservative leader David Cameron rubbishes leaked manifesto on general wellbeing

A leaked manifesto by a policy group for the Conservative Party on general wellbeing, which suggested, among other things, increasing paid maternity leave to three years and three extra bank holidays, has been rubbished by David Cameron.

The proposals were drawn up by the ‘general wellbeing policy group’, appointed by Tory leader Cameron, to improve quality of life in the UK.

Channel 4 News said it obtained the Tories’ draft submission, which suggested giving voters the right to sack public officials, and three extra bank holidays, with voters choosing when and what they celebrate. Workers would also have the right to trade part of their salary for additional holiday entitlement, and the self-employed would be entitled to statutory sick pay.

It also suggested a compulsory jury-style citizenship service to involve people in local decisions, and government adverts on the benefits of family life.

Aides to the Conservative leader insisted that none of these recommendations would be adopted.

The Tories are still reeling from proposals put forward by MP John Redwood’s policy review group last week.

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