Consultation paper must not be too flexible, CIPD tells Europe

CIPD is urging Brussels not to make the information and consultation directive
less flexible for employers.

is concerned that the current moves to change the June agreement on its phased implementation
could delay certain business decisions in Europe. 

has called for consultation with business over its implementation in the UK,
and wants a taskforce to be set up to oversee its implementation when it is

Sinclair, the CIPD’s employee relations adviser, said, "The legislation
ignores that trust and good employment relationships are what lie at the heart
of good information and consultation arrangements not bureaucracy. The
directive will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the UK, which is why
the DTI should consult on the complex issues early."

directive gives employees the right to be informed about the recent and
probable developments in their organisation. They will also have the right to
be informed and consulted on possible threats to jobs and changes in employment

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