Cornered man slams into women

Lampeter in Wales might sound like a nice, peaceful place to the uninitiated, but there were rumblings last week after its Women in Tune festival was slammed as being discriminatory.

Local man, Stephen Jenkinson, said banning men from the women-only festival was illegal, and “the reason men have been pushed into a corner is because we haven’t said anything against what they’re doing”.

Michele Leek, the Women in Tune festival co-ordinator, denied the accusations saying the festival was “not about banning men” but rather “providing a space for encouraging women and girls to take part in music and related performing arts”.

The Equal Opportunities Com-mission said that as the festival was a charity event then there were no obligations to cater for both genders.

Guru has to go with Ms Leek on this one and frankly can’t see why Mr Jenkinson is so peeved. As anyone who has been ‘pushed into a corner’ by a large group of women will know, it tends to be a thoroughly pleasurable experience for everyone concerned.

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