Council revamps flexible working

Nottingham City Council has introduced a new flexible working policy in a
bid to boost staff recruitment and retention and reduce traffic in the city

The policy has been developed following a six-month, £80,000 pilot scheme
involving approximately 50 staff from across the authority who tested home
working, going to work on-site and a combination of the two.

Staff on the pilot reported feeling less stressed, more in control of their
workload, more trusted and more motivated.

They also reported they were better able to balance operational and
strategic job demands and were more productive.

Andrea Shea, an HR consultant working in the authority’s central personnel
team, who led the pilot scheme, said there was also evidence that the
initiative will help recruitment and retention.

Two workers withdrew requests to resign after taking part in the flexible
working pilot.

Shea said the new policy also helped the council to comply with the
Employment Act, which came into force in April, giving workers with young
children the right to request flexible working arrangements.

"We are offering all employees the right to ask to work at home and
have the request considered. But obviously there are some jobs you just can’t
do at home," she said.

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