CRE chief should be taken to task over ‘no whites’ policy

Like many others, I suspect, I was outraged to read your front page news story ‘CRE chief backs recruiter with an unlawful ‘no whites’ policy’ (Personnel Today, 10 January).

In this day and age, how can this possibly be acceptable? Can you imagine the utter uproar if a similar agency were to openly advertise to whites only?

It is little wonder HR managers like myself have the problems we do in reigning in the bigots in our workplaces when a prominent figure in the black community openly supports a little bigotry of his own.

Trevor Phillips seems to have overlooked the fact that discrimination cuts both ways and, I’m sorry, but it is never positive.

Politicians who have committed much more minor gaffes than this have been called to resign from their jobs. Perhaps it is time for Phillips to step aside to make way for someone with a fairer and more moderate approach. Who knows? They might even be – shock, horror – a ‘white’.

R Gilmour
HR manager
Kingstown Furniture

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