CRE discrimination claims undermine its hard work

I am writing with reference to your news story concerning the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) staff discrimination claims (Personnel Today, 2 October).

Poor management and application of human resources policy is never acceptable, but I ask: does the lack of review in the CRE actually result in racial discrimination?

Is this the level to which equalities has sunk, where CRE staff bring claims against their own employer? This undermines all the excellent work done so far by so many to ensure that we have a fair and reasonable society.

I suppose it is to be assumed that the only possible outcome can be a financial settlement, as ‘several’ have already been successful.

The stakeholders in this practice should hang their heads in shame. It sickens me to be a practitioner where this abuse is allowed to happen. I have to ask myself: is professionalism and honesty beyond us?

We have never been offered better evidence that a review of the financial claims process needs to rise up the agenda. Bring it on.

Nick Clarke
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