Crelos calls on organisations to embrace new era in managing change

Crelos, the people change business, today launches ‘Precision Business Psychology’ – a new approach to managing people and change based on our growth in understanding of human psychology underpinned by brain scanning, computer modeling and latest scientific research about how we learn.
Precision Business Psychology has been developed by Crelos as a way to help clients better negotiate organisational change and to differentiate through people.

As it ushers in a new era of precision and certainty in addressing change, based on the practical application of psychology, Crelos is calling on organisations to let go of out of date people management techniques.
‘Brain training’ games and recent television series have popularised some of the new cognitive science, but the UK is behind the curve in adopting its principles to the world of work.
Ali Gill, Director and co-founder of Crelos, says:

“People often say there’s no one way to change behaviour, but actually now we know that there is. Technology is enabling us to see how the brain works and as a result psychologists are developing more effective ways to change how people behave – which means we can help organisations to achieve commercial returns more quickly.”
It’s uncomfortable news for those organisations who may be reluctant to change their existing approaches to people management, developed several decades ago.
“Anyone looking to maximise the return on their investment in people or to achieve change more quickly should be taking advantage of this knowledge,” says Gill.
Crelos (derived from Latin words meaning “to believe”, “to create”, “to grow” and “place”) is the sister company of Getfeedback, a leading consultancy which changes how employees operate to make businesses better.

Based on eight years’ experience working with organisations including O2, Barclays, EasyJet and EMI, Crelos has developed a five-stage model to change behavior.

Research has consistently shown that the speed and impact of behavioural change relates directly to a precisely phased sequence of interventions.

Miss any stage or sequence interventions inappropriately and change will be delayed or, at worst, de-railed.
The Precision Business Psychology approach allows Crelos to exert greater influence on the degree, longevity and speed of positive change delivering commercial returns whilst helping people realise their potential.

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