CWU demands Consignia justifies job cuts

Communication Workers’ Union has demanded that Consignia justifies "any
and every" of the proposed 30,000 job cuts. 

company today announced that it is to shed a further 17,000 jobs and scrap the
second-class post after announcing yearly loses of over £1bn.

troubled firm, which is losing £1.2 million a day, is set to slash 30,000 jobs
over the next three years in a bid to return to profitability.

Haynes, general secretary at the CWU, said that Consignia must justify that
"any and every job cut" would not affect the service or impact
adversely on staff.

we want all our members to have a secure employment in a profitable
business," he said.

simply can’t accept this (scale of job cuts), practically or morally.
Delivering mail to every door in the UK is a labour-intensive operation.
Indiscriminately shedding staff is not a option if we are to continue the
universal service."

By Paul Nelson

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