Deloitte’s HR transformation specialist tells HR to develop the skills of a consultant

HR professionals need to become more like consultants if they are to keep their jobs in the future, according to an HR transformation consultant.

Deloitte consultant David Parry told Personnel Today that relationship building, risk management, change handling and strategic contribution would soon be the key assets looked for in UK HR staff.

Globalisation is threatening to change the face of HR forever, with office support jobs being outsourced to India and other low-cost countries. Research firm the Hackett Group last week warned that 170,000 European jobs were immediately at threat from offshoring.

Experts have insisted that more direction-focused HR jobs will remain in the UK and be valued highly by businesses. However, staff from other areas of business will compete with HR professionals for these new roles.

“I expect to see some pretty dramatic shake-ups in HR over the coming years,” Parry said. “There will be less people, different skills and different sources of staff.

“Business will demand that HR raises its game. The skills required will be similar to a consultant’s skill-set.”

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