Developing People for High Performance

Format: DVD with learning guides, handouts and other support materials
Price: £1,119
From: Aspina


Talent management is the latest buzzword in HR circles and an overused one at that, so when I received news of this latest release from Aspina I was slightly puzzled: how could they convey such a complex subject on a DVD? Would it be aimed at senior people who are dealing with strategic issues, or would it dilute talent management into a palatable, but patronising, format for supervisory level?

I’m delighted to say I was pleasantly surprised. It is pitched just right at manager level to show the steps required to enable staff to achieve their potential.

The storyline is witty and achieves a balance between humour, realism and learning points. In a twist on the usual way of tracking protagonists, we see Helen and Harvey placed as undercover reporters at two different chocolate factories: Guilty Secrets and Chocolate Indulgence.

Armed with secret cameras, they record their meetings with managers and record how well their managers use the TALENT mnemonic to help them develop.

I am becoming wary of mnemonics, as they are another overused device, but it proved to be effective in this context because it adds focus to the characters’ conversations.

Harvey does well at Guilty Secrets, and although his manager is busy, she brings the mnemonic to life by Taking time to talk building Alliances, guiding him and Lighting the way Enriching his experience Nurturing and Taking time to thank (TALENT).

Helen’s experience at Chocolate Indulgence is disastrous, as her fraught boss ignores his staff except to offer criticism and snatch ideas.

This film could lend itself to other aspects of management development, such as coaching and mentoring, and is worth the investment. The handouts, which explore the mnemonic in detail, are lucid and would ensure fruitful discussions.

Relevance: 5 stars (out of five)
Interacitivity: 3 stars
Value for money: 4 stars

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