Disappointed by attention to detail

And still the mad applicants keep applying to work at your companies, dear readers.

This one comes courtesy of disciple Yemisi, who rejected one individual that couldn’t quite seem to grasp the idea of ‘attention to detail’ (a prerequisite of the job he was going for). When this chap got his refusal letter, he wasn’t going to take it lying down

Dear XXX

I received today a letter saying I am rejected on the ground that I did not provide any evidence for the requirement.

I only realised this when I read today the reason for rejection.

If you notice I was running out of time as you would see my application was sent on the last date. While filling the form, I had left the example section blank to fill in later as I had to think of good examples.

I deal with clients almost every day so had to take time to select which example would be best suited [and then] forgot to write them down.

Hence, I am requesting to you if you could please give me another opportunity to make another application or any suggest anything suitable. I was waiting for this opportunity to apply for a long time, checking the website, when I read one it was on the last date.

I am really looking forward for this job and I am very disappointed with myself.

Yours, etc.

Just so we’re clear on this – the tangled grammar is all courtesy of the letter’s author and not just because Guru has been drinking. Yours Truly can still write perfectly succinctly even when inebriated – as this sentence shows.

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